Mini pizzas shaped like ice cream cone

mini pizzas shaped like ice cream cone

(From Daily Mail) When most people think of Italian food, they immediately think of either pizza or ice cream.

And one entrepreneur has decided to bring these two tasty treats together – in the form of a pizza cone.

Dags Hofrats, 23, has become the first person in the UK to sell the pizza shaped like an ice-cream cone.

Costing £2.70 each, the cones come in nine flavours including pepperoni, mushroom or spicy chicken.

Looking for inspiration, he Google-searched ‘crazy business ideas’ and the pizza cone product came up.

Now the student sells them to his hungry peers at Glasgow Caledonian University campus.

Last year the idea of a pizza cone was introduced at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

More than 6,900 pizzeria owners and operators visited 425 exhibits seeking new products and services to look for ways to re-invent the Italian export.

Pizza originally came from Naples, Italy, and has become a global favourite.

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