Microsoft’s new Warthog


(From Kotaku) A few years back, Microsoft had special effects wizards WETA build a replica Warthog vehicle from the Halo universe and it was awesome. Now they have a new one.

Aria Group, who make replica cars for Hollywood movies, are responsible for this new real Warthog, which is almost 8 feet tall, more than 8 feet wide and more than 17 feet long.

It’s based on the chasis of a Hummer H1, has 49-inch tyres, and was commissioned to serve as marketing tool.

If you think the exterior looks “realistic”, it should; the modifications were based on 3D models of the vehicle sent over by Halo 4 developers 343 Industries.

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Man working on the laptop at home

Mac vs. PC: Which is more secure?

For many years, it was a commonly held belief that Mac operating systems were more secure than PCs running a Windows OS. But how true is that really? The recent FREAK attack SSL/TLS vulnerability has stirred up the conversation...
by Adword Norton


Lego’s answer to ‘Minecraft’

(From Motherboard) Watch out, Minecraft: Lego wants to topple your world. Lego rolled out a similar video game called Lego Worlds that also lets gamers build their own virtual worlds and interact as a Lego figurine. The game is...
by Adword Norton


Sci-Fi trailer is Star Wars vs Halo vs Star Trek vs Mass Effect

(From Kotaku) Galactic Battles is a short film that laughs at the idea of a mere cameo. It’s also a copyright lawyer’s worst nightmare. Or dream day on the job, depending on who they’re working for. In case that gif—whi...
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New trailer for Bungie’s Destiny

(From Blastr) Bungie is poised to present its latest FPS, Destiny, a bold, solar-system-spanning sci-fi multiplayer game created by an ambitious cast of hundreds and costing nearly $500 million to develop, produce and market. P...
by Adword Norton

Sunset Overdrive

First gameplay video for ‘Sunset Overdrive’

(From Geeks of Doom) The first video showing off gameplay footage from the upcoming next-gen title Sunset Overdrive has been released online. The game comes from developer Insomniac Games, who are known for the Spyro, Ratchet &...
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