Men In Black Rosenberg Life-Size Bust


Admit it. The Men In Black Rosenberg Life-Size Bust is the MIB collectible you never realized you really wanted.

The prince of the Arquillians Empire lived a quiet life on Earth with his cat, Orion, as the owner of a jewelry store. At least he did until he was killed by Edgar the Bug.

This 26-inch-tall bust of Gentle Rosenberg features translucent resin for a life-like skin effect, custom hair, a hand-tied mustache, museum-grade glass eyes, and a hand-made shirt, tie, and suit.

The interior cockpit inside the head was digitally replicated and includes light-up functions just like in the movie.

The Men In Black Rosenberg Life-Size Bust can be pre-ordered for $2,350 at Cinemaquette.



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