Marvel Comics has turned Thor into The Wire

thor battle world

(From Kotaku) Marvel’s current mega-crossover has put one of its biggest villains in charge of everything. And the law enforcement officers making sure that Doctor Doom’s will gets obeyed are all Thor. All of them Thor; all of them cops.

Thors #1—by Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse—is a comic that digs deeper into one of Secret Wars’ coolest ideas: being a Thor on the patchwork endtimes planet of Battleworld is like being a cop.

It’s a different kind of avenging for a different status quo, one where the mythical realm of Asgard seemingly doesn’t exist. But even without so many of the familiar trappings of the Thor mythos, this first issue still works quite well.

One of the things that’s great about the Thor character in Marvel Comics’ fictional universe is how it’s tethered to the concept of worthiness. It isolates the Thunder God as an extremely entity. He’s already rarefied as an actual Asgardian deity but, among their ranks, is even more singular as the person designated to wield the powerful magic hammer Mjolnir. When someone else is even able to pick up the hammer, it’s a big deal.

So it’s to Jason Aaron’s credit that he’s able to quickly establish how different personalities for the many Thors appearing in this issue. Granted, he’s leaning hard on many of the tropes that play out on police procedural TV shows like Homicide, The Wire and Law & Order.

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