Mario Kart 8 to get free Mercedes Benz DLC in Japan

mario kart 8

(From CVG) Nintendo and Mercedes Benz Japan have partnered to release free Mario Kart 8 DLC.

This summer, players will be able to download the new Mercedes Benz GLA class car and race in the Wii U game.

As the real car is not suited to kart racing, the in-game vehicle will be a modified version with no roof, allowing Mario and friends to stick their heads out while racing.

The DLC will be free, and is part of a larger campaign for the GLA class car in Japan, which is also being supported with Mario-themed television commercials.

A thirty-second commercial called ‘Go! GLA’ runs in Japan and features the GLA class car racing through the original Super Mario Bros, before switching to a real-life version where a realistic Mario gets out of the car.

For now this promotion has only been confirmed for Japan, it has yet to be determined whether it will be extended to other countries too.

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