Man of Steel 2 will see Batman and Superman in ‘physical conflict’

man of steel 2

(From The Guardian) Man of Steel director Zack Snyder has suggested that Batman and Superman will end up trading blows in the much-anticipated sequel which sees Henry Cavill return as Superman alongside Ben Affleck as Batman.

Speaking at a promotional event hosted by Kevin Smith, Snyder said, of the follow-up film: “Of course, some physical conflicts” will occur.

This accords with the swirl of rumours around the film, which has led to it being subbed Batman vs Superman, ever since Snyder referred to the pair “facing off”, as he spoke about Man of Steel 2 at Comic Con in July.

Snyder said: “The fun of the idea is to be able to play with that relationship. Whether they fight and become friends, or whether they’re friends and they fight…”

Snyder also suggested that Superman’s killing of General Zod, played by Michael Shannon in Man of Steel, may continue to haunt the second film.

“Maybe we’ll see the repercussions of that in the next film. Maybe.” That narrative crux proved controversial as Superman has always been extremely reluctant to use lethal force, with only a tiny number of deaths attributed to him.

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