Man at Arms recreates God of War’s Blades of Chaos

Blades of Chaos

(From Click Online) The Man at Arms team turned its attention to one of the most requested weapons that they’ve been asked to create, God of War’s iconic Blades of Chaos, in their latest video that details how they replicated it.

Since the series started on YouTube, the team has been inundated with requests to put together a replica of Kratos’ deadly blades. The team has finally undertaken the task. And it’s quite a feat!

The blades had to be shrunk a little bit just so it would be wieldable, yet it still clocks in at around 30-inches.

In addition, the team had to play around with the final product to ensure that it was light enough to be carried, yet still a deadly weapon.

The final product is fire-free, but many watermelons were harmed in the course of producing this video.

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