Man At Arms blacksmith makes incredible ‘Skyrim’ Orcish Battleaxe

orcish battle axe

Tony Swatton has been a blacksmith armorer for over three decades, and has used his skills to create weapons for over 200 movies. Now he’s also crafting fan-requested replicas of the most popular geek weaponry for a YouTube series titled Man At Arms.

One of the items fans have requested him to make is an Orcish Battleaxe from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The axe is big and deadly in the game, but it would be difficult to find one in real life that’s not a replica because…well, there’s not many Orcs out there crafting massive, devastatingly sharp battleaxes. Not that we’re aware of, anyway.

Swatton uses some nifty high-power machines to get the job done, but does his best to make the axe look like it was made by someone who had to make due with what they would have had in a world like Skyrim.

Check out the video of the Orcish Battleaxe being made and, even better, tested on some unfortunate inanimate objects below now!



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