Mad Men gets a hippie touch

Rachel Pare

(From Daily Mail) Change is coming to the sixth season of Mad Men.

Judging by the stylish tweed and wide collars in the stills released by AMC, the network’s flagship hit is preparing for the volatile end of the Sixties era.

The newest season of the hit series is slated to take place during the infamous Summer of Love of 1967 and the changing styles in the stills reflect this.

Don Draper’s outfits have become more patterned and colorful.

His secretary-turned-wife Megan Draper wears flowery pastels, nodding to the coming Flower Girl movement.

Even the stuffy Pete Campbell, played by Vincent Kartheiser, rocks sideburns this season.

However, not all things change with the times.

The office outfits appear to be firmly entrenched in the past, with a mix of double breasted jackets, solid suits and angular pocket squares.

Christina Hendricks’ character Joan shows off her voluptuous figure in a form fitting purple dress, reminiscent of the Fifties era.

The fission between things changing and remaining the same has always been at the crux of Mad Men.

These styles are just are first clues for what’s to come.

See what happens for yourself when the sixth season has it’s two hour premiere on April 7th.

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