Mad Max: Fury Road Skull Respirator Half-Mask

Mad Max Fury Road Skull Respirator Half-Mask

Do you see yourself as a warlord? Do you control a vast source of water? Then you need the Mad Max: Fury Road Skull Respirator Half-Mask. Just start calling yourself Immortan Joe and collect a harem of women and you’ll be ready to rule the wastelands.

Measuring 7.4-inches wide and cast in cold cast aluminum fiberglass with resin and rubber parts, this mask does more than just sit around and look pretty because you can actually wear it.

Just to be clear, this isn’t actually a working respirator so when the world does become a desert wasteland, you’ll have to breathe dirty air just like everyone else.

The Mad Max: Fury Road Skull Respirator Half-Mask is available for $233.38 at thomasotom’s Etsy store.


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