Lights, camera, action: Make a film with your family


Looking for a great way to spend some time with your family? Making a movie together is a unique way to bond and enhance your family’s creative side. To make this experience fun and effective, it is important to follow a few steps to ensure your movie is “Oscar” ready.

Invest in Equipment

Technology is the key to filming your movie. For the optimum quality, choose an HDSLR camera. This style of camera offers the ability to take pictures and film the movie. With options like a video resolution rate, a built in microphone, a shutter release that offers the filmmaker the ability to film stills and interchangeable lenses for focusing, you are able to achieve the intended effect.

Agree on a Movie Idea

Brainstorming on a particular movie will lead to laughs and possibly some joyous tears as your family decides on what is compelling enough to film. This idea will springboard from family discussions and you will decide if you want to do a non-fiction account of your family history or take a risk and create a fiction story that will exercise the whole family’s imagination. Once you decide on your movie idea, a few family members can start to write the screenplay.

Find a Location to Film

Pinpointing the right location for your movie is an activity that will allow the whole family to participate. It can be elaborate or a simple place. You may choose a room in your home or a park where your family has shared memories of playing soccer, riding bikes or enjoying a picnic.

Cast Your Actors

Who loves to act? Who is the family member that likes to ham it up during dinner? Decide who wants to reveal their inner actor or actress in this family production. To add an air of flair, “actors” might decide to get into character and choose a particular costume that fits the part.

Choose a Director

Who is the natural leader in your family? This family member will manage the entire production. This person’s role is critical because he or she will set the tone of your family’s movie. The ideal family member for this role will offer organizational skills, but also approach the exercise with fun and bonding as the main goals.

Rehearse Your Lines

To keep filming consistent and continuous, every family member can choose to rehearse lines or become familiar with their roles. Rehearsals allow families to crack jokes, make fun of one another and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Edit Your Production

In the editing phase, you want to create a movie that is memorable and that your family can enjoy for years.

To bolster certain scenes, consider adding stock video as filler for added effect. Using a video editing service can also help with enhancing certain scenes or deleting extraneous footage and help your film look and feel more professional. When editing, ask family members to identify their favorite scenes so that they feel like they have a stake in the entire movie-making process.

Reliving the footage on the screen will certainly garner some laughs and enduring memories.


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