Life-size version of Wall-E

life size wall e

(From CBS) In yet another great geeky gem — among many more sure to come — from YouTube’s Geek Week, is a video that is sure to bring a tear, if not smile to Disney-Pixar’s “Wall-E” fans everywhere.

Tested visits Mike McMaster’s workshop where he’s built a real-life, to-scale version of everybody’s favorite little robot. Check out what went into the creation in video above, it’s really quite amazing.

From his orange farm in California, McMaster explains how he started a Wall-E Builder’s Club, and as the culmination of a lot of hard work and detail, he created this Wall-E replica.

How did he get a computer-generated character to scale you ask? Well, there are lots of attention to detail.

In this video, he explains how he basically worked in reverse from items within the movie — such as a Rubik’s Cube and a VHS tape from the actual film.

Not only is this 1-to-1 ratio robot a rolling tribute (yes, he actually moves by remote control!) to the Pixar character, complete with his wonderfully expressive googly eyes, but McMaster uses all recycled parts, which is something the animated Wall-E would fully appreciate.

He even makes sounds just like in the film and plays music!

The only thing left to know is, where can we get one?

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