Life-size baby T-Rex costume

Life-Size Baby T-Rex Costume

Transform your home into Jurassic Park as you transform yourself into the king of dinosaurs with the life-size baby T-Rex costume.

Everyone knows that nothing livens up a party like a giant (or not-so-giant) dinosaur running around so why not be the person that brings excitement?

The costume is 16 feet long, weighs approximately 53 pounds, and is made of durable rigid rubber, high density foam, aluminum and fiberglass that has been hand-sculpted and textured by the artist.

Cable animatronic mechanisms, similar to the same gear the pros use, provide smooth movement on mouth, eyes and neck.

The life-size baby T-Rex costume is available for $15,500.00 at 3dwizart’s Etsy shop.




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Scientists to carry out ‘autopsy’ on life-sized T-Rex replica

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