Lexus made a real-life hoverboard


(From Lost at e Minor) When Marty McFly arrives from the past in October, rest assured he’ll be having a hoverboard to ride on. Well, a prototype at least. Lexus has released a short teaser video showing their latest device: a wood deck with smoke fuming out of its sides and seemingly levitating off the ground.

Called SLIDE, it uses liquid nitrogen-cooled semiconductors and magnets to get it up off a metal surface. Though the short teaser doesn’t show the board in action, the luxury car manufacturer claims that it’s the ‘first real, rideable hoverboard’.

This isn’t the first time anyone’s tried inventing a levitating skateboard. Last year, California-based ‘Arx Pax’ released the Hendo, a $10,000 hoverboard that was able to get $510,590 in funding from Kickstarter backers.

Lexus says that they’ve been working on SLIDE for the past 18 months as part of ‘Amazing in Motion’, a series of videos showing the company’s new technologies. They add that one professional skater will start testing the device soon in Barcelona.

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