Learn how to cook with this Augmented Reality Cooking Simulator

Augmented Reality Cooking Simulator

(From Bit Rebels) It’s so much easier to learn how to cook these days compared to a decade ago.

Back then, you had to either learn by watching someone else or learn from reading a cookbook. These days it’s very different.

Not only are there tons of excellent cooking apps, there is now an augmented reality cooking simulator so you can learn how to cook in a virtual environment.

Whether you like the taste of simulated food, or you just like learning the high tech way, this could be the answer for you.

A team at the Tokyo Institute of Technology designed and created this system for people who need a little help in the kitchen.

This augmented reality cooking simulator provides the hands-on experience some people need, without it being an actual real cooking experience, if that makes sense.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations if you want to learn how to cook this way.

First of all, you’ll only have one frying pan and the certain displayed ingredients to work with.

When you put the ingredients in the pan, the weight of the pan changes in your had, which adds an even more realistic touch.

The food in the pan changes color when a certain amount of heat is added, just like with real food. Even though there are limitations now, this system is only going to become more advanced with time.

The team who created this sees a whole future use for their innovation, “We’d like to develop this system further, so it’s helpful in actual cooking at home. It could help you make the meat you’re cooking taste even better. If it could be linked to a system that tells you, ‘In five minutes, your food will look like this, and in ten minutes, it will look like this. Which would you prefer?,’ this system could really help with cooking.”

Would you buy a stove for your home with this system incorporated into it? We would.

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