Latest phenomenon of Japan: Sailor Suit Old Man

Hideaki Kobayashi 2

(From Kotaku) He’s called the “Sailor Suit Old Man.” And he’s called that for good reason, too. Whenever you see Hideaki Kobayashi on the weekend, he’s dressed as a Japanese schoolgirl.

Recently, Japanese sites and Twitter users in Tokyo have spotted an old guy dressed in a sailor style school uniform—a truly unusual sight to behold. People were amused. People were baffled. What the hell was going on?!

Japanese site IT Media met Kobayashi and asked him the question on everyone’s mind: Why do you dress like a Japanese schoolgirl?

“That’s a difficult question,” said Kobayashi. “It’s not really something I’ve thought too deeply about. Hrm. I guess it’s because sailor suits look good on me?”

Japan, of course, has had a long obsession with schoolgirl outfits, which has manifested itself in multiple ways over the decades.

A few years back, however, Kobayashi started wearing schoolgirl outfits at a well-known art and design event. That eventually turned into Kobayashi wearing the threads out in public. And that turned him into an internet sensation.

Whenever he’s in his schoolgirl gear, Kobayashi is surrounded by people—often, real schoolgirls—who want to get their photos snapped with him. He recently wrote on Facebook how he’s mobbed for photos, in his own words, “like a popular celebrity”.

With his rising internet fame, Kobayashi joined a new idol group called Chaos de Japon, which he is also producing and photographing.

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