Kabuki Auto-Focus Opera Glasses

Kabuki Auto-Focus Opera Glasses

Is Opera still a thing? If you answered yes and are still sadly shaking your head because I don’t know that, or if you happen to be into the Steampunk scene, you’ll want to get your hands on the Kabuki Auto-Focus Opera Glasses.

Opera only works when you can actually see what’s happening on stage and that can be difficult from the nosebleed section.

You can use traditional opera glasses to bring the action closer but that requires spending a lot of time holding the glasses up to your face. These hi-tech opera glasses let you go hands-free while making sure you still don’t miss anything.

The glasses are made from high-grade plastic so they’re light on your face, and the 4x magnification (along with auto-focus) keep everything up-close and crystal clear for you.

Not really into opera but love Steampunk cosplay? Everyone knows a Steampunk costume isn’t complete until you add goggles so why not stand out from the crowd with a hi-tech twist to the eyewear?

You’ll have to use your browser’s translate function because the site is in Japanese but you can get the Kabuki Auto-Focus Opera Glasses for ¥ 31,500/$4878.93 at KabukiGlasses.


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