Japan has Kit-Kat sandwiches

Kit-Kat Sandwiches

(From Kotaku) From the country with the most interesting Kit-Kat flavors, comes this: a Kit-Kat sandwich you can order at a fast food chain. Sure, why not?

Fast food chain First Kitchen is rolling out the Kit-Kat sandwich in Japan. According to website Gigazine, this sweet treat is a Kit-Kat that’s topped with whipped cream and orange peel and stuffed between two slices of white bread.

This isn’t your typical Kit-Kat bar, but rather, “Kit-Kat for Cafe,” which is specially designed for dipping in hot beverages. This makes the Kit-Kat sandwich crispier than a regular Kit-Kat bar would.

On Twitter, people are saying the sandwich “tastes better than expected.”

Available for a limited time only, it’s priced at 220 yen (US$1.81) per sandwich.

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