Iron Man and Captain America may appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man film


(From Geeks of Doom) Sony sharing the film rights to Spider-Man opened bold new possibilities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. By making the deal with Disney, this meant that the webslinger could play in the Marvel sandbox, and it wasn’t long until it was announced that a new Spider-Man would be introduced into the MCU in Captain America: Civil War. Tom Holland will play the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and is already prepping for his solo flick. Marisa Tomei is the only other actress confirmed for a role, she’ll play Aunt May. But as to who else could star in the film, that is still unknown.

But that isn’t stopping rumors from swirling. One of the first rumors to pop up surrounding Spidey’s upcoming solo film is that Iron Man and Captain America could make an appearance in it.

Before Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. debuted the poster and trailer for Captain America: Civil War, the two talked about how they were returning to shoot in Atlanta, GA, after having already shot at the location for Civil War. Of course they wouldn’t give any details as to what they were shooting, leading many to believe that they’re returning to reprise their roles in the untitled Spider-Man film.

Captain America: Civil War is due out May 6, 2016, and the untitled Spider-Man film is scheduled for a July 28, 2017 release.

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