Human-sized Godzilla statue


(From Kotaku) If you are in the market for an enormous Godzilla statue that costs as much as a car, good news! You can buy this.

As Famitsu reports, the statue is the same size as a Godzilla suit actors would wear.

This is the 1991 version of the ‘Zilla that appeared in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah.

A scan was taken of a 30cm version done by Yuji Sakai, who is one of Japan’s greatest kaiju sculptors and who also oversaw this human-sized version.

That data was then used to create this version via a high precision 3D printer. The detail is incredible, and great attention was not only given to form but also color.

Yours for 4,150,000 yen (US$39,967). Note that price does not include delivery!

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godzilla toho

Toho’s ‘Godzilla’ anime is coming to Netflix

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Godzilla’s footprint found on beach in Japan

(From Dread Central) Breaking news! Godzilla’s footprint has been discovered in Japan! Does this mean that the giant radioactive reptile really exists? This could be the find of the century! Oh wait, it’s a marketing stunt ...
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Godzilla vs King Kong set for 2020

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Japan finally recognizes Godzilla as a resident

(From MSN) We all know that Godzilla is the mighty monster upon which six decades of kaiju entertainment has been based, but what has he ever gotten for his pains? Endless insurance claims, felony charges of terrorism for destr...
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Tokyo’s new Godzilla hotel

The Godzilla hotel in Japan has finally opened its doors. Hotel Gracery Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan – part of a new commercial complex – features an impressive 12 metre tall replica Godzilla head, based on the original 1954 fi...
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