How to shoot an arrow with an iPhone?


(From Wired) Channel your inner bowman with this ingenious archery-based iOS accessory called the Bowblade.

Clip in an iPhone or iPod touch, take aim and let ‘er rip as you attempt to hit the target in one of 35 compatible iOS games.

The “trigger” is attached to a stylus tip that taps the screen.

Check out the BowBlade with two iOS games. One used the phone’s camera to sight “real world” targets — in this case, a pair of targets at the back of the booth.

The second used the phone’s gyroscope and accelerometer to help you aim snowballs at onscreen turkeys. It all sounds kinda silly, but it was so much fun.

You can pre-order this gadget in three sizes based on your height. They’ll begin shipping in April at a starting price of $185.

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Want your face in Lego?

(From Cnet) Admit it, you’ve often wondered what you’d look like if someone were to build you out of Lego blocks. Unless you’re a celebrity (or a famous, inanimate object) chances are slim someone’s gone...
by Adword Norton


Pimp out your vehicle Grand Theft Auto style

It’s not surprising that a game literally named after stealing cars would have some of the best vehicles, customization, and toys in the game, but it wasn’t until Grand Theft Auto IV and V that gamers got the featur...
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Daryl Dixon Poncho Messenger Bag

Daryl Dixon Poncho Messenger Bag

You’ll have your hands full fighting walkers after the zombie apocalypse happens, which is why you’ll need the Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Poncho Messenger Bag to carry your stuff in. Measuring approximately 17-inches-long by ...
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From Atari to apps: The evolution of handheld gaming

In 1958, Brookhaven National Laboratory began allowing visitors the opportunity to play an “electric” game consisting of two controllers connected to an analog computer. The game drew hundreds of visitors. The creat...
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aot iphone case

Attack on Titan Super Hard Blade iPhone case

This “Attack on Titan Super Hard Blade iPhone Case” is surely one of the coolest Attack on Titan collectables ever made. This case is a beautiful replica of the handle of the Titan-brutilating Super Hard Blades as s...
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