How to make your own Hobbit hole

hobbit hole

Build your own Shire-like earthbag dome with Owen Geiger’s step-by-step instructions.

Earthbag structures provide a cool space in summer and an escape from the cold in winter, which means this earthbag dome is well suited for many purposes, like a quiet space for relaxing or playing music.

No building permit is typically needed, because it is below the minimum size required by building codes, is not inhabited and is not attached to a residence.

Owen Geiger is the former director of Builders Without Borders, a Mother Earth News Green Home Adviser, The Last Straw Journal Correspondent and the director of the Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building at www.GRISB.org.


hobbit hole litter box

Hobbit Hole for cats

(From Geekologie) Give your kitty the Shire-luxury it craves with a Hobbit Hole litter box. Yes this is exactly what it sounds like. Created by If Industries, the image is just concept art for future cat litter box sculpture. T...
by Adword Norton



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