How Apple seriously entered the gaming industry

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Apple’s most recent keynote event, which debuted major products like the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro, appealed to a new audience it doesn’t usually reach — gamers.

In an industry dominated by the XBox and Playstation, Apple snuck in to compete with the giants without building any new hardware. At least, no hardware that wasn’t simply an upgraded version of an existing product. Now Apple is poised to turn the industry upside down — and that’s a good thing.

Apple TV

Apple is no stranger to games, but it was always on the outside looking in. While it dominated the mobile market, serious players like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo fought for what most would consider “real gaming.” There were always rumors Apple could develop a serious console, but no one really took them seriously.

But instead, Apple created what could become the world’s best-selling console that isn’t a console at all. The first Apple TV launched in 2007 as a living room gimmick, with zero games in mind. But with the growth of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now, the Apple TV has become a living room essential and a portal for Apple to finally enter the gaming market.

The newest Apple TV is the first to support an open, third-party App Store and use an advanced remote that doubles as a gaming controller with a built-in accelerometer. The best part—Apple doesn’t even have to make the games. It just puts out the hardware and lets the developers community do the rest.

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Apple Watch & Apple Pay

Just like Steam revolutionized the way we pay for PC games online, Apple is doing the same for how we buy on mobile (and even in person). The need to use cash or swipe a credit card is completely eliminated with Apple and gaming. Popular retailers like Gamestop are now using Apple Pay, and everything purchased on the App Store goes through a secure connection.

In fact, using Apple Pay in retail stores is often more secure than a credit card because it uses a “middle man” number to complete the transaction. Your credit card information is never handed over to the store. Combine that with identity theft protection services that specialize in mobile and you have a super secure system to purchase video games, both in person and online.

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

Most iPhone users prefer to upgrade phones during the full cycle because it usually offers the big new features like a larger screen, Apple Pay, and complete redesigns, but it’s really the “s” upgrades that offer the most for anyone who loves mobile gaming.

The iPhone 6s looks almost identical to the iPhone 6, but it’s the engine under the hood that makes this a real upgrade for developers who want to push the limits for new games. The A9 chip and 2GB RAM (a first for an iPhone) unlocks new possibilities for games that could make the 6 feel ancient in comparison.



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