Hot Toys’ new Rocket Raccoon

Rocket racoon

(From Nerdist) When the first Guardians of the Galaxy took the world by storm, everyone fell in love with their new favorite duo, Rocket and Groot. Hot Toys made sure you could have this awesome pair in your own home thanks to their 1/6 figure set.

Now with Guardians Vol. 2 coming out this May, it’s that time again for Hot Toys to share their wares. For this figure, it’s Rocket’s turn to be the “shoulder to lean on.”

Debuting on their Facebook page, the first images of their new 1/6 Rocket Racoon deluxe figure, in conjunction with the film’s release, have been revealed. In a bit of a role reversal, it’s Baby Groot who is sitting upon Rocket’s shoulder, with Rocket getting himself ready for battle.

The Rocket figure comes with a HUGE gun (I am assuming it’s homemade. Rocket’s got too much pride in his own handiwork to go out and just buy something like that), as well as two mini guns. He also comes with a jet pack, a utility belt, 6 sets of hands and feet (Because holding that gun is going to take some shifting around, of course), two head molds and a stand.

Just don’t expect to have this in hand when you line up for your first showing of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, as Hot Toys doesn’t anticipate its new deluxe Rocket will ship until later this year, or in early 2018.

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