Hot Toys’ First Rogue One figure is a Deathtrooper


(From Comics Alliance) Hot Toys unveiled the first of what are sure to be numerous Death Trooper figures in its upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One line-up. The Specialist comes fully stocked with all the tools he’ll need to eliminate the Rebel forces, and has that snazzy new black armor to boot.

The Death Trooper is one of two new Empire units debuting in Rogue One. These elite Stormtrooper soldiers served under Director Krennic, and the fact that they were on the job when the Death Star plans were stolen may factor into why we never saw them again in the original trilogy. That and the fact that they were just created for this new Star Wars Story. It’s also possible they may have evolved into the Shadow (or Blackhole) Stormtroopers, but let’s be real, Death Trooper is a way scarier moniker.

Hot Toys has managed to capture the funky new helmet design the Death Troopers utilize quite well, and have even included LED lights in the mandibles. The sleek black armor provides a stark contrast with the standard Stormtrooper units, and even the Scarif Stormtrooper, which are the other new unit showing up in Rogue One. There are a lot of small details in the armor, which could have just been a repaint of some traditional Stormtrooper gear. Instead, you’ll notice there are some variations in the gear, including different gauntlets, altered chestplates and new pauldrons, too.

The two blasters he comes with are different from what we’ve seen included with Stormtroopers in the past.

The Rogue One Death Trooper Specialist is available for pre-order now from Sideshow Collectibles for $234.99. It’s expected to arrive by the end of this year.

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