Hot Ryu can be yours for only $900

bearded ryu

(From Kotaku) You know him, you love him, Hot Ryu. And now, for a mere $900, you can own a 1:3 scale version of the hunkiest version of Ryu around.

The statue measure about 2.41 feet tall and 1,000 points hottie.

You can pre-order it for $899.99 from Pop Culture Shock Toys.

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Custom made X-Men playing cards

(From Lost at e Minor) Melbourne-based designer Mark Eastwood has given your average deck of playing cards an uncanny makeover by incorporating Marvel’s most misunderstood heroes into the fold (pun intended). Called ‘Uncann...
by Adword Norton

street fighter motion sculptures

Street Fighter motion sculptures

(From Kotaku) Dan the Ad Man, who normally works in advertising, has found the spare time to put together this amazing Street Fighter video consisting of “motion sculptures”. Taking inspiration from this clip, it vi...
by Adword Norton

street fighter x tekken minimates

Tekken X Street Fighter Minimates wave 2

(From Tomopop) The second wave of Diamond Select Toys’ Tekken X Street Fighter (not to be confused with the similar-sounding Street Fighter X Tekken) will be hitting retail soon. The wave of twelve Minimates, some of whic...
by Adword Norton


chun li vs tifa

Chun-Li vs Tifa in real life

(From Geektyrant) Worlds are colliding! Thanks to the weirdness of the internet, real people can dress up like their favorite female characters and fight it out for the viewing pleasure of all geeks. We find it interesting that...
by Adword Norton


Man performs Street Fighter hadoukens

(From Geekologie) This is a video of a guy using a series of air-punches to blow out a line of candles. It’s probably not what you imagined when you read ‘hadouken’ in the title. To be fair though, hadouken li...
by Adword Norton



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