Holiday home looks like topple hillside

Balancing Barn

(From Daily Mail) This building may look like a health and safety nightmare, teetering over the edge of a hillside.

But the Balancing Barn is safe as houses.

The 100ft-long hotel sits atop a mound of earth near a Suffolk nature reserve and even has a swing dangling below its hanging end.

The half of the building that hovers over the ground is made of lighter materials than the other, so there’s no need to worry about tipping the balance. A concrete core keeps things sturdy.

The modern house, which sleeps up to eight people, was designed by Dutch firm MVRDV and is available for holiday hires through Living Architecture, a non-profit rental firm.

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train set

Train-mad grandfather spends £250,000 building a giant model railway in his garden shed

(From Daily Mail) This train-mad grandfather has spent £250,000 building an 3,000 square foot model railway in his garden shed – because his girlfriend won’t have it in the house. Roy James, 72, from the Isle of Sh...
by Adword Norton

hat chair3

A rocking chair that knits a hat every time you use it

(From Lost at e Minor) Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex, students at the University of Art and Design Lausanne, have come up with a rocking chair that knits as you sway back and forth. Called the Rocking Knit, the wooden chair has...
by Adword Norton


The story of subwoofers, surround sound & modern movie watching

When the opening credits for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” begin rolling, one of the first things fans will hear is a rerecorded version of the THX signature audio known to sound industry insiders as the Deep Note....
by Adword Norton


Battle Cat Hunting Trophy

Battle Cat hunting trophy

Forget about real animals because the Battle Cat Hunting Trophy lets you claim the mightiest beast of Eternia as your very own piece of wall art. Fictional trophies are the best kind of trophies and this one is sure to get plen...
by Adword Norton

R2-D2 Pinball Machine Coffee Table

R2-D2 Pinball Machine Coffee Table

(From Gizmodo) Forget couches, forget dining tables, forget beds, forget even a working toilet, all your home really needs for you to be happy and content is this amazing R2-D2-themed coffee table featuring a working Star Wars ...
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