Hobbit Hole for cats

hobbit hole litter box

(From Geekologie) Give your kitty the Shire-luxury it craves with a Hobbit Hole litter box. Yes this is exactly what it sounds like.

Created by If Industries, the image is just concept art for future cat litter box sculpture.

The Hobbit Hole is inspired, and we hope it takes off. The Eye of Sauron box can’t be too far behind!

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hobbit hole

How to make your own Hobbit hole

Build your own Shire-like earthbag dome with Owen Geiger’s step-by-step instructions. Earthbag structures provide a cool space in summer and an escape from the cold in winter, which means this earthbag dome is well suited for...
by Adword Norton

barad  dur tower cake

This wedding cake can see everything

Who knew evil could look so freaking delicious? We call dibs on the eye! That’s where all the tastiest bits of evil are. This epic Giant Eye Of Sauron / Barad-dûr Tower (from Lord of the Rings)  wedding cake was whipped up...
by Adword Norton



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