Hide out in Amsterdam at a hotel suite that’s hidden behind a bookcase

hidden suite

(From Lost at e Minor) Love books and privacy? Amsterdam’s Hotel Not Hotel is probably a dream for you. This very funky hotel is known for its quirky hotel rooms, but one – the Bookcase Room – is set apart for its over-the-top quirkiness. You see, this hotel suite is located behind a bookcase and unless you know about this secret room, you’d be none the wiser that a person was sleeping just feet away from you in the hotel library.

But that’s not the only cool thing about Hotel Not Hotel. This place is designed with other little quirks like mirrors and paintings that act as one-way windows so you can see if it’s safe to come out of your hiding place! The hotel gets even cooler with their on-site bar, ‘Kevin Bacon’ where ‘just like the actor, the bar has zero pretension, it always delivers, and it makes sure everybody has a good time’.

If hiding out behind a bookcase isn’t your thing, Hotel Not Hotel also has a ‘Crisis Free Zone’ room, an Amsterdam tram cart room and a ‘Crow’s Nest’ suite which is considered the watchtower of the hotel.

You know you wanna check out the place! See it all here.

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Forget about maid cafés, there is now a maid gym in Japan

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New York monument honors victims of giant octopus attack that never occurred

(From The Guardian) A cast-bronze monument for the victims of the sinking of a steam ferry recently appeared in Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan, near other somber memorials to soldiers, sailors and mariners lost a...
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Metallica’s James Hetfield now has a PhD in astrophysics

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train set

Train-mad grandfather spends £250,000 building a giant model railway in his garden shed

(From Daily Mail) This train-mad grandfather has spent £250,000 building an 3,000 square foot model railway in his garden shed – because his girlfriend won’t have it in the house. Roy James, 72, from the Isle of Sh...
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meteor shower

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will have an artificial meteor shower

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