Here comes The Men In Black and 23 Jump Street


(From Moviepilot) If you like action, aliens and Channing Tatum, then you’re going to be absolutely amped for the 23 Jump Street/Men In Black crossover film.

Variety reveals that James Bobin of The Muppets and Flight Of The Conchords is possibly on board to direct. Although the film has yet to be green-lit, production is tentatively looking to begin in June.

While we are insanely ecstatic to hear that both Tatum and Jonah Hill will reprise their roles as Jenko and Schmidt, respectively, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones won’t be returning in their black suits and badass sunglasses.

Sony will instead be on the lookout to cast two younger actors to replace them in a bid to freshen up the franchise.

We first heard about Sony’s idea for this crossover in 2014, but plot details have not yet been released.

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‘X-Men’ sequel will take place in the 1990s

(From Geeks of Doom) Since the release of X-Men: First Class, each installment of the X-Men film franchise has taken place in key moments in recent history. First Class took place during the Cuban Missile Crisis during the 1960...
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hail ceaser

The first trailer for the Coen Brothers’ Hail, Caesar!

(From Time) The first trailer for Joel and Ethan Coen’s star-studded Hail, Caesar! has arrived online. The brothers’ latest, their first film since 2013’s Inside Llewyn Davis, focuses on the Golden Age of Hollywood, when ...
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21 jump street

Sony planning ’21 Jump Street’ and ‘Men In Black’ crossover movie

According to the Wall Street Journal, leaked e-mails out of Sony Pictures have revealed plans for a potential crossover between two unlikely franchises of theirs, 21 Jump Street and Men in Black. According to the Wall Street Jo...
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Men In Black Rosenberg Life-Size Bust

Admit it. The Men In Black Rosenberg Life-Size Bust is the MIB collectible you never realized you really wanted. The prince of the Arquillians Empire lived a quiet life on Earth with his cat, Orion, as the owner of a jewelry st...
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The Order 1886

New ‘The Order: 1886′ gameplay trailer focuses on Nikola Tesla

(From Geeks of Doom) A brand new gameplay trailer for developer Ready At Dawn’s Neo-Victorian London-set shooter The Order: 1886 has been released online by publisher Sony Computer Entertainment. The new trailer focuses on no...
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