Guy builds intricate Star Trek Klingon warship using 25,000 LEGO bricks


(From io9) It was a project eight years in the making—well, technically nine now. One LEGO fan has built his own Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey using about 25,000 blocks, based on a virtual blueprint he started all the way back in 2008.

Kevin J. Walter from Germany recently unveiled his completed Bird of Prey, inspired by the famous Klingon warship from Star Trek. It’s based on a virtual design he created between 2008 and 2010. While that conceptual version used over 250,000 blocks, the real thing required about one-tenth of that. It’s about 71 cm. long, 42 cm. wide, and 86 cm. wide, including the stand.

Walter said his next goal is to finish his build of Barad-dûr (you know, the Eye of Sauron thing), which will be about 150,000 pieces by the time it’s done. He’s been working on that one for over six years, and hopes to finish it in time for Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’ 15th anniversary in 2017.

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‘The Walking Dead’ star chosen as ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ lead

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doc str

Lego’s first Doctor Strange set

Amazon Japan has unveiled pictures of the first set of Doctor Strange, unsurprisingly dubbed “Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum.” It stylizes itself as a little recreation of Stephen Strange’s magical New York pad, rig...
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Lego’s next minifigure collection features Disney’s characters

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‘Game of Thrones’ will feature the largest battle in TV history

(From Geek Nation) Game of Thrones has changed the way we look at television in a number of ways, both from a storytelling and production standpoint. The series has featured special effects to rival that of some blockbuster mov...
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lego dad

LEGO launches new hipster stay-at-home dad figure

(From Daily Mail) Lego has produced a stay-at-home hipster Dad as part of a new line of figurines, it has emerged. The Danish toy giant unveiled a series of new plastic characters with one depicting a father dressed in plaid an...
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