Grand Theft Auto 5 is full of surprises


(From Geeks od Doom) If you were excited for Rockstar Games’ upcoming installment in their open-world sandbox game series, Grand Theft Auto V, prepare to have that excitement blasted to unfathomable heights.

A pile of new details on the game have been revealed after a special demonstration of the game recently.

First and foremost, the game will have three main characters you’ll be able to play as instead of just one.

When you’re not doing a mission, you’ll have the option of jumping to any one of these three characters wherever they happen to be in the city whenever you want to.

Here’s a rundown of the three main characters:

Michael is a retired bank robber who is living a life of luxury thanks to a sweetheart deal with the FIB. But when his wife burns through all his money he is forced to get back in the game.

Trevor is a frequent drug user who is prone to violent outbursts. A former military pilot, he used to rob banks but now he scrapes to get by living on the fringes of Los Santos society.

Franklin is a hustler who works for an Armenian scam artist who sells young kids cars they can’t afford. When they default on the loans, Franklin repossesses the cars. He crosses paths with Michael when looking for a bigger score.

Sometimes missions in Grand Theft Auto V will involve two or all three of these characters as well, and in those cases the game will sometimes actually allow you to jump from one to the other to do certain parts of that mission.

GTA V will not only be a massive game, but it will be bigger than all other Rockstar games, including Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Red Dead Redemption – combined.

This is due not only to the unbelievable world you’ll be able to explore, but the amount of interior locations there will be.

Other Rockstar games, while still gigantic, consisted of mostly outdoor exploration; you could see all the buildings and landmarks, but were unable to go inside of them. No word on exactly how many locations you’ll be able to head inside of (fingers crossed for a movie theater!), but it sounds like quite a few.

Just like GTA IV was Rockstar’s own version of New York City, Grand Theft Auto V will be their version of Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

In addition to the city itself and nearby suburban areas, players will also be able to visit beaches, a wilderness area complete with an entire mountain you can explore, wine country, a military base, and the Alamo Sea, which is an area modeled after the Salton Sea.

One of the great things about Red Dead Redemption was the ability to waste time, with addictive mini-games.

Sure, you don’t have to sit and play hours of poker with locals or a game of horseshoes, but the ability to do so was crucial in creating a wild western world you could pretend you were existing in.

This appears to be the case with GTA V as well. Activities you’ll be able to do in the world of Los Santos includes (but may not be limited to) tennis, base jumping, triathlons, yoga, jet skiing, and my personal two favorites: the ability to play a full 18 holes of golf, or head to the coast for some deep sea diving to explore a fully detailed ocean floor.

The three characters will be fully developed characters, so apart from deciding how they dress, they already come with a specific personality, set of skills, and favorite hobbies. What one likes and can go off and do, another may not be a fan of, and thus, will not do it.

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