French Chapel has carved gargoyles Of Gizmo, Gremlins, and more!

Chapelle de Bathléem

(From You Bent My Wookie) Finally, a chapel dedicated to the church of geek!

OK, maybe not, but the Chapelle de Bathléem, near Nantes, in the Pays de la Loire in France was built in 1911, but has been updated with some new gargoyles that are a little more culturally relevant than the classic monsters that normally sit on the corners of buildings.

This church has been updated with actual stone gargoyles that represent Gizmo and the Gremlins as well as Aliens and Tranzor Z/ Mazinger!

This isn’t photoshop, it is actually a real thing!

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alien concept

Neill Blomkamp reveals concept art for abandoned ‘Alien’ project

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Poussin endormi

Topiary sculpture of a sleeping bird

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gremlins snickers

Gremlins are back in Snickers ad

The Gremlins are back and this time they’re only going to calm down if you give them some candy. That’s the message in this European ad for Snickers that has a normal guy turning into a cranky Gremlin because he’s hungry....
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Warner Bros is trying to remake ‘Gremlins’

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alien facehugger

Fan-made Alien facehugger

(From Blastr) Considering the fervor that classic sci-fi can create among fans, it’s not that uncommon to see art inspired by everything from Star Wars to Blade Runner. But this Alien-inspired facehugger might be the wild...
by Adword Norton



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