Fox orders female-led TV sequel to ‘Minority Report’

minority report

(From Geeks of Doom) In 2002, Steven Spielberg delivered Minority Report starring Tom Cruise. The film was a critical success and offered up one of Spielberg’s more challenging and thought-provoking science fiction stories set in a dystopia/utopia future where psychics predict crimes so cops can stop them before they happen.

Flash forward 13 years later and it would appear that we are finally getting a follow-up to one of the better sci-fi thriller stories ever put to film.

Fox has put in a pilot order for a female-led Minority Report sequel for television, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The TV story will be set 10 years after the events of the film and center around a Precog who is having trouble adapting to his new life in exile.

He is apparently haunted by his visions of the future. Meanwhile, he comes across a detective who is struggling with her past and the two will help each other.

The movie version of Minority Report was based on the work of Philip K. Dick and Spielberg’s vision for the film was centered around the deep philosophical debate of freewill versus determinism just as in Dick’s short story.

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