Firefly Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Master Series Statue

Firefly Malcolm Reynolds Master Series Statue

Before he became known as Captain Tightpants, he was a soldier on the losing side, and the Firefly Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Master Series Statue should satisfy any Firefly/Serenity fan that still has a special place in their heart for Captain Mal.

With a firm grip on the tattered flag of the Independents, Reynolds prepares for one last charge during the Battle of Serenity Valley, or maybe the end-result is already known at this point and the future commander of the Serenity is just hoping for a shiny future. Cast in solid polystone and standing 17-inches tall, the limited-edition statue includes impressive details such as Mal’s trademark Moses Brothers sidearm and a highly-detailed head sculpt of actor Nathan Fillion.

You can pre-order it for $249.95 from QMXOnline.


serenity lego

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Serenity 1 250 Scale Cutaway Replica

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Batman Arkham Origins

Firefly revealed in new Batman: Arkham Origins trailer

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