Evolve Stage 2 is free-to-play, updates PC game

evolve 2

(From Den of Geek) Developer Turtle Rock surprised the gaming world when they announced that the much-hyped 2015 shooter Evolve will be converted into a free-to-play PC title.

In a blog post on Turtle Rock’s website, the studio’s founders commented on this decision by stating that “We want that magic back and we aim to make it happen. We’ve made a lot of changes, improvements, and additions to Evolve over the past year, and we’ve got a lot more coming. In short, we’re giving this game a vigorous overhaul!”

The developers go on to detail how, exactly, this transition will work by stating that Evolve will be instantly converted into a free-to-play PC game and that all content owned by its previous purchasers will remain unlocked. Additionally, these players will be assigned a “Founder” status that allows them to access certain exclusive in-game content. As for the game’s new F2P players, they will be able to unlock much of Evolve’s content via silver keys acquired during the course of play. As of now, there is no way to purchase these keys through an in-game store.

Additionally, a host of balance and interface improvements are being implemented into Evolve as part of the game’s attempt to reach a larger group of players. Along with some bug fixes, these changes will include alterations to the Hunter and Medic classes designed to make players “less reliant on having experienced trappers and medics.” Turtle Rock Co-Founders Chris Ashton and Phil Robb also mentioned that they plan on using this opportunity to re-focus their efforts on collecting more player feedback.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this blog post, however, is the direct mention of Evolve’s “DLC shitstorm” that “hit full force and washed away people’s enthusiasm.” This is in reference to the shocking amount of downloadable content that Evolve has received since its release. That DLC, coupled with the game’s controversial pre-release incentives, has led to Evolve’s negative reputation among some gamers.

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