Evangelion Sunglasses TYPE-EVA (alpha) Unit-01

Evangelion Sunglasses TYPE-EVA (alpha) Unit-01

From the movie Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, Eva-themed sunglasses have arrived!

The Type-Eva (alpha) sunglasses express the sharp lines from Unit-01’s face using titanium metal.

Using gunmetal accents, the frame features purple and green as its main colors.

The lens color is dark purple to match the color of Unit-01. The nose padding is decorated with the NERV logo.

It is also possible to swap the lenses and utilize this product as regular glasses.

You can pusche it for $254.99 from Otaku Mode.


evangelion bullet train

Japan is getting a Neon Genesis Evangelion bullet train

(From Kotaku) You might be looking at concept art, but this is really happening. This bullet train is designed after Evangelion Unit-01. The Neon Genesis Evangelion-covered bullet train will begin service this fall from Osaka t...
by Adword Norton


Japan finally recognizes Godzilla as a resident

(From MSN) We all know that Godzilla is the mighty monster upon which six decades of kaiju entertainment has been based, but what has he ever gotten for his pains? Endless insurance claims, felony charges of terrorism for destr...
by Adword Norton

Radio Eva x Alpha MA-1 Kamikaze Custom WILLE Edition Flight Jacket

Evangelion-themed flight jacket

Cool nylon flight jackets like these have been a popular fashion item since the ‘50s, but now there’s a new twist on this classic look with this fantastic Evangelion-themed collaboration between famous American military wea...
by Adword Norton


evangelion credit card

Evangelion gets 1st credit cards, Adidas shoes

(From Anime News Network) The credit card company Visa (via Sumitomo Mitsui Bank) and sport shoe brand Adidas are two of the latest companies to team up with Evangelion for tie-in products. Sumitomo Mitsui will offer the first ...
by Adword Norton

lego evangelion 4

4-foot tall LEGO Evangelion

(From Kotaku) It’s been in the works for a while, but LEGO builder Moko is finally able to show off his finished Neon Genesis Evangelion Eva Unit-01. The final build tops off at nearly four feet tall, and weighs in at 9.4...
by Adword Norton



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