Evangelion gets 1st credit cards, Adidas shoes

evangelion credit card

(From Anime News Network) The credit card company Visa (via Sumitomo Mitsui Bank) and sport shoe brand Adidas are two of the latest companies to team up with Evangelion for tie-in products.

Sumitomo Mitsui will offer the first Evangelion credit cards on May 17. Customers who sign up for the two Visa cards with Rei Ayanami and Unit 01 will receive a smartphone case and points for member-only items.

The cards have an annual fee of 1,312 yen (US$13), but it’s waived for the first year.

The cards will go on display at the Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 in Tokyo’s Harajuku district.

Other anime, game, and novel franchises that have inspired credit cards have included Gundam, Macross, Fate/Zero Gonzo, Astro Boy, Lucky Star, A Certain Magical Index, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Hakuōki.

As part of the “Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project Vol. 2,” Adidas is creating three custom shoes: “mi La Trainer” running shoes with an Evangelion Mark 06 color scheme, “mi Crazy Fast” basketball shoes with a Unit 01 scheme, and “mi FRM” basketball shoes with a Unit 02 scheme.

Each pair of shoes includes silver-imprinted Shibuya Harajuku Project steel shoe jewels, Evangelion 3.33 laces, and a “Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project Vol. 2″ shoe box sleeve featuring Asuka.

Each pair costs 17,640 yen (about US$176) and will go on sale at the Evangelion Tokyo-01 store and Radio Eva online store in early August.

This is not the first shoe brand to offer Evangelion inspired footwear; K-Swiss released four shoe styles on March 21. Before, adidas also created Captain Tsubasa running shoes and was credited for product placement on the Honey and Clover anime.

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