Essential PC gaming accessories

gaming mouse

PC gaming has long been the playground of the more serious gamer, particularly when it comes to the likes of FPS or MMORPG’s which require the keyboard and mouse combo for an optimal experience. While it’s hard to argue with the ease and convenience of console gaming, playing on PC provides the ideal environment for certain games and can provide an enhanced experience when compared to the PS4 or Xbox One.

Of course, just like anything else, having the right tools for your PC are very important to the experience. Not having the right gaming tools can have an impact on both the quality of the game itself and likely the quality at which you can play it. If you’re just getting started playing games on the PC or even if you’re experienced already, we’ve put together a short list of absolute PC gaming essentials to give you the best possible gaming environment.

Gaming Mouse

A proper mouse design for gaming is crucial. Most mice are created for generic use like browsing the internet office work. Often they will lack the precision needed to be competitive in games which require a degree of accuracy.

Ideally you’re looking for something with a high polling rate and high DPI to ensure greater speed and accuracy. A great gaming mouse will also have additional buttons that can give you easy access to some of your shortcuts. Higher end mice should be customizable, allowing you to set your buttons and tracking speed.

If you’re going wireless, be sure to check out the connection speed. As a general rule a wired connection will be slightly faster than wireless, but this is only really noticeable when playing at the higher skill levels of FPS games.

Gaming Keyboard

This goes hand in hand with the gaming mouse. A great gaming keyboard will have a lot of extra goodies that a standard keyboard just won’t carry. We are talking extra shortcuts keys, programmable buttons, volume controls, you name it. Some even come with LCD screens which can be programmed to show in-game maps and other shortcuts.

Anyone that has any experience in gaming on the PC knows that the keyboard is just as important as the mouse.

Gaming Monitor

With the new graphics cars capable of rendering games in 4k, you need a monitor that can keep up. A lot of cheap monitors will show you the game, sure, but if you’re looking for the optimal experience that the developers spent years creating, investing in a great monitor makes the difference.

Resolution is a key consideration, as is refresh rate, panel size, pixel response and input options. At present it’s fairly expensive to pick up a 4k monitor, but prices should come down as technology improves. A refresh rate of 120hz will be ideal for most games, while the optimal size will depend on the space and budget you have available.

Gaming Chair

Believe it or not, a gaming chair is an important part of a game. It’s all about the ergonomics. If the chair you’re sitting in is uncomfortable, it could really impact the quality of the gaming session. If you’re looking to play long hours on a strong RPG or MMO, don’t go cheap on the chair.

As anyone who has worked a desk job will tell you, sitting for hours on end can really take a toll on your back and shoulders. If you’re playing games regularly for extended periods of time, the right chair can make a huge difference. Look for something comfortable and adjustable which has been designed specifically with gamers in mind.


This is a no brainer for online gaming. A headset built for gaming really contributes to the overall experience of the game itself. Most headsets make it difficult hear enemies and immerse yourself in the game world. Not to mention a lot of headsets that aren’t designed for gaming don’t come equipped with decent microphones, making talking to your friends or teammates an awkward experience. Investing in a proper headset can make a huge difference. Fortunately most games give you the option to mute the screaming 12 year old that’s on your team!

As you can see, a lot more might go into PC gaming, but the experience it offers is worth the investment. With the right set up you’ll be able to play for years with the same equipment, and the sheer volume of games available means you’ll never be short of experiences to enjoy.



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