Doctor Who gets his own stamp collection

doctor who stamps

(From Daily Mail) The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who will be marked by a special set of stamps next year.

The Royal Mail said 11 stamps will be issued on March 26, featuring each of the actors who have played the role of the Time Lord, ranging from the first Doctor, William Hartnell, to the current one, Matt Smith.

David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston, Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee and Patrick Troughton will also be featured on the stamps, which will all be First Class.

A five-stamp miniature sheet will also be available, showing the Doctor’s time-travelling machine, the Tardis, and some of his famous enemies such as a Dalek, a Cyberman, an Ood and a Weeping Angel.

The first Doctor Who episode was broadcast in November 1963 and the programme now attracts audiences of up to 16 million.

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Eleventh Doctor to star in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

(From The Independent) Matt Smith is set to join the cast of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Jane Austen’s enduring classic with a supernatural twist. The former Doctor Who actor, 31, will join a starry cast including...
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Doctor Who

Doctor Who Comic Strip Poster

This Doctor Who Comic Strip Poster will make your room look like a pop art gallery devoted to a Madman in a blue box. Oh, that’s right, your room already looks that way. Well, this piece will fit right in. It features Matt Sm...
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matt smith

Matt Smith joins new Terminator film

(From The Guardian) Former Doctor Who Matt Smith has signed up to play an unspecified original role in the new Terminator film. Studio Paramount said Smith, who last appeared as the flamboyant BBC time lord on Christmas Day, wo...
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Doctor Who 11th Doctor Dynamix Vinyl Statue 2

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Dynamix Vinyl Statue

This Doctor Who 11th Doctor Dynamix Vinyl Statue shows the “Raggedy Man” in all his glory. It is a limited edition that features interchangeable heads. He has his Sonic Screwdriver and is ready for action. One head features...
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Mandy Madrox TV
doctor who comics

Titan Comics to publish new ‘Doctor Who’ series

(From KMOV) Doctor Who has found Titan. BBC Worldwide says that Britain’s Titan Comics will start publishing a new series of comics featuring the time-and-space-traveling Time Lord this year ahead of the materialization o...
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