Disney launches Infinity video game

Disney Infinity

(From Daily Mail) Parents hoping to get Disney’s latest video game, Disney Infinity, when it launches in June, be warned; the complete collection will set you back more than 480$.

This costs more than an iPad Mini, and depending what console your child has, this cost could be even higher.

The price includes the video game, collectible Disney characters, the Disney Infinity Base, Play Sets, interactive game pieces and power discs.

Disney Co-President John Pleasants and Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter announced Disney Infinity at a launch event in California.

It has been developed by Avalanche Software and combines physical, collectible Disney characters with in-game, virtual ones.

Speaking at the event, John Pleasants said, ‘Disney Infinity introduces a new way to interact with the best of Disney on one game platform, both now and in the future.

‘With this innovative approach to gaming, Disney Infinity will bring to life new characters, stories and environments from The Walt Disney Company over time in a way that will delight fans and gamers alike.’

When Disney Infinity launches this summer, there will be 17 collectible characters to choose from including Sulley from Monster’s Inc., Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, and Mr. Incredible, from The Incredibles.

There will also be 40 interactive game pieces including swords and character accessories to collect.

The first three Play Sets, which are different adventure worlds, will be Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles.

Each Play Sets is based on a Disney film with recognisable sets, characters and storylines.

You use your connected characters to explore Play Sets, solve puzzles, fight villains, and complete quests.

More characters, pieces and Play Sets are expected to launch later in the year.

The game will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS when it launches in June.

Disney Infinity Starter Packs are available for pre-order from Amazon, Game and Toys R Us.

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