Dancer bends light in stunning projection-mapped performance


(From The Creators Project) Inside a cube fashioned from translucent veils, a dancer takes a visual journey into a 3D space between dreams and reality.

Hakanaï is a digital solo performance from Adrien M / Claire B that made its debut at BAM’s Fishman Theatre on March 17, 2015.

The choreographed performance installation combines video projection mapping, CGI, and sensors to dynamically respond to the movements and proximity of its performer.

Its visuals and sounds are generated and animated live, offering a uniquely different performance for each and every iteration.

Its appeal lies in the one-on-one exchange that takes place between performer and complex programming.

Though Mondot and Bardainne, who in the past set a performance of 11 breakdancers against a digital backdrop, often mine theoretical and mathematical sources for inspiration for their work, they rely on the empirical study of the world around them as their guide.

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Tips and tools for creating 3-D photos and videos on your iPhone 6

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Volumental shoe

3D scanner creates shoes that fit perfectly every time

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New ‘Star Wars’ trailer

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Beowulf poem to be turned into ITV drama

(From The Guardian) The epic poem Beowulf is to be made into a 13-part drama by ITV. Described as a western set in the dark ages of Britain’s mythic past, the series will use locations in County Durham and Northumbria to repr...
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The 3Doodler – A 3D Printing Device

3D printing device

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