Custom Predator action figures

Predator action figures

(From Kotaku) Many companies have released many takes on the Predator franchise over the decades, but sadly, none has ever given us what we really wanted: little plastic renditions of the entire assault squad from the first movie.

So thank you, djblizzard, for finally delivering the goods.

The custom toy builder has made his own squad of misfits and Predator bait, taking the new NECA Dutch figure as a starting point before building out the entire outfit, right down to Dillon and Jesse Ventura himself.

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The Hateful Eight Movie 8-Inch Clothed Action Figure Set

This The Hateful Eight Movie 8-Inch Clothed Action Figure Set is a must for Quentin Tarantino fans. NECA’s retro clothed action figure line now includes all eight main characters from The Hateful Eight! The likenesses are unc...
by Adword Norton

iron wolverine

Amazing Iron Man mashups

(From Kotaku) Aussie artist BossLogic has done these insane mashups of Iron Man, turning Tony Stark’s mechanical alter ego into an Iron Assassin, Iron Mega Man, an Iron Saiyan and even Iron Punk. Oh, and also Iron Gundam,...
by Adword Norton


New Man of Steel toys revealed

(From IGN) Mattel this week unveiled their new Man of Steel action figure line, featuring images of Russell Crowe’s Jor-El and Michael Shannon’s Zod in Kryptonian garb. Check out the images for a closer look at thei...
by Adword Norton


NECA Rambo First Blood

New Rambo First Blood Figure from NECA

NECA has unveiled their much anticipated upcoming John Rambo collectible figure based on the iconic 1982 film “First Blood.” Rambo stands in at 6 3/4″ and features 25 points of articulation. Using the new life...
by Adword Norton

Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun

1:1 Half-Life Gravity Gun from NECA

Sadly, it won’t make the holiday shopping season, but toy company NECA’s replica Half-Life 2 gravity gun will be available for purchase next Spring. It’s 1:1 scale, and as you can see from the prototype, light...
by Adword Norton



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