Create your own Sad Keanu memes with this Sad Keanu action figure

sad keanu action figure

When the paparazzi snapped that picture of a forlorn sandwich-chomping Keanu Reeves on a park bench four years ago, the picture quickly sparked off an Internet meme with the actor photoshopped into every setting you can think of.

Now, thanks to Shapeways member neuralfirings, you can own a 3D-printed action figure of Sad Keanu for €32.63.

These posed action shots of Sad Keanu doing nothing except to cast his point blank stare at the ground are priceless.



point break

First trailer for ‘Point Break’ remake

Warner Bros has released the first trailer for Point Break, the remake of The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 action hit of the same name that starred Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. The remake stars Luke Bracey ...
by Adword Norton

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A new Matrix triology being planned by the Wachowskis

(From IGN) We’ve heard about a return to the world of the Matrix on the big screen here and there over the years, but now a new report indicates that Warner Bros. and series creators the Wachowski siblings are moving ahead on...
by Adword Norton


Japanese trailer for ’47 Ronin’

(From Geek Tyrant) Universal Pictures has released a short but very cool Japanese trailer for Keanu Reeves’ great-looking martial arts film, 47 Ronin. The trailer has some awesome new footage that is sure to get you a lit...
by Adword Norton



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