Carrie Henn to return as Newt’s mother in Alien Identity fan film

Alien Identity

(From Digital Spy) Aliens was Carrie Henn’s only movie role, dating back to 1986 when she was just a child.

Movie buffs may remember Henn as Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jorden, who was the only survivor of the colony on LV-426.

Fast forward 29 years, and the actress has agreed to appear in a tribute film called Alien Identity, in which she will play Anne Jorden, young Newt’s mother in a flashback. Newt will be played by Elle Viane Sonnet in the film.

“I am looking forward to working on Aliens from a different perspective,” she said. “I can’t wait to hear what all the fans think!”

Ricco Ross is also returning and will take up the role of Richard Frost – the brother of Private Robert Frost, who Ross portrayed in the original movie – as well as producing the project.

“When I heard of the story I thought, ‘Why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner?’ Great idea and it makes sense that the concept would come from a fan and not Hollywood execs,” he added.

Alien Identity takes place 14 years after the events of Aliens, with an alternate timeline, under the direction of Adam Sonnet.

Sonnet Realm Films plans to launch the first instalment of its Kickstarter in the coming months at

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