Brussels Airlines unveils A320 with Tintin-themed livery


(From Airlines and Destinations) Brussels Airlines and design studio Moulinsart have unveiled an Airbus A320 with a special theme livery and interior bulkheads inspired by the Belgian cartoon character Tintin.

Both Belgian companies have worked for several months in secret on the project, based on the original drawings by the hand of Belgian author and illustrator Hergé.

The livery makes the aircraft look like a 37-meter long black shark, based on Professor Calculus’ shark submarine from the Tintin adventure, ‘Red Rackham’s Treasure’.

Brussels Airlines has named the aircraft ‘Rackham’.

On its fuselage is the Twitter handle #SNRackham (‘SN’ is Brussels Airlines’ flight code) and the A320’s fuselage also bears the slogan “We fly you to the home of Tintin”.

Tintin is a historical Belgian comic-book character created by Hergé who travels the world on adventurous quests. According to Brussels Airlines, the legacy of Belgian cartoonist Hergé has never been translated on to the fuselage of an aircraft until now.

According to the airline, Hergé himself was fascinated by aircraft: they are the most used means of transportation in the Tintin oeuvre and they were always drawn with great technical precision.

For the painting of the A320, Brussels Airlines worked with aircraft paint artist Andre Eisele, who had the task of adapting the perspective of the drawings prepared by Moulinsart’s graphic designers to the unusual curves of an aircraft fuselage.

The reason for doing this was to get as close to the original shark submarine design as possible.

With Eisele working with Brussels Airlines maintenance technicians to paint the aircraft, the entire paint job took 1,500 man hours in total.

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