BioWare’s newest RPG is called Shadow Realms

Shadow Realms

(From Kotaku) As hinted at during this year’s E3, here is a first look at BioWare’s brand new game. It’s called Shadow Realms.

Set in a “modern fantasy world,” Shadow Realms is an action role-playing game. Have a look at gameplay in the trailer below:

It has four-versus-one gameplay, with four players able to fight against the Shadow Lord that controls everything in the game or play as the evil lord.

Developed by BioWare Austin, Shadow Realms is currently slated for PC. The episodic role-playing game is kicking off its closed Alpha. Sign up for it in the link below.

The New BioWare 4v1 Story-Driven Online Action RPG [Official Site]

And here are four minutes of hands on gameplay from IGN.

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Replica Mass Effect pistol

Replica Mass Effect pistol

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old republic

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swtor large

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