Bethesda announces Dishonored 2 with a trailer full of steampunk fencing robots

dishonored 2

(From The Verge) Bethesda Softworks has officially announced the sequel to steampunk stealth-stabbing game Dishonored. The new trailer, released at E3, gives us just enough to start speculating about the game.

It apparently sets the action ahead a decade or so, and players will be able to switch between two characters: Corvo Attano, protagonist of the original Dishonored, and Emily Kaldwin, the child monarch who Corvo spent the first game protecting.

They’ll each have their own set of powers (presumably provided once again by the mysterious Outsider, an eldritch emo folk god), offering a balance of sword-fighting and stealth — you’ll be able to kill everything in sight or sneak through a level undetected.

Dishonored was released in 2012 by Arkane Studios. It was co-directed by Harvey Smith, lead designer of the influential 2000 game Deus Ex, which Dishonored draws more than a little resemblance from — both are all about accomplishing a single goal in any number of ways.

While the original Dishonored’s storyline was wrapped pretty neatly by the end of the game, Arkane later published two extra chapters as DLC, switching to the perspective of one of the game’s antagonists.

Now, we’re going back to a new wave of political intrigue; Arkane says that Dishonored 2 will commence after “an otherworldly usurper seizes the throne.”

Since there’s no release date and Bethesda didn’t show off any gameplay, though, we’ll be waiting an indeterminate amount of time for more details.

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