Ben Affleck teams up with Omaze to give tours from the Batmobile

batmobile omaze

(From Nerdist) The cinematic showdown between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight is less than a month away in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And while Batman appears to be more popular of the two heroes, most fans seem to think that Superman will be the winner of this battle.

Because he’s starring in the movie as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Ben Affleck jokingly took offense to that when he surprised tourists on a recent visit to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. In a new video from Omaze, several fans were clearly stunned by Affleck’s appearance in the Batmobile used in Batman v Superman. In fact, a few of the tourists weren’t even sure he was really Ben Affleck!

Yet even the presence of Bruce Wayne himself didn’t stop some fans from still picking Superman over Batman. But as Affleck playfully pointed out, Superman doesn’t have any cool cars whereas Batman has eight. Affleck also joked that “Superman drives a Subaru,” which is a putdown that probably won’t make Subaru drivers very happy. Especially if they’re busy outrunning the Colossal Titan.

This video was filmed and put together as part of the announcement that fans will have the opportunity to get a ride in the new Batmobile with Affleck at the world premiere of Batman v Superman. But if Affleck’s Batman really isn’t your favorite, Henry Cavill is also participating in the Omaze contest by riding in a helicopter with one of the winners. And not to be outdone, Lex Luthor himself, Jesse Eisenberg will invite an Omaze winner to crash the premiere alongside him.

You can place the $10 entry fee at this link, and all proceeds go to charity. This particular Omaze giveaway is benefiting three charities selected by Affleck, Cavill, and Eisenberg: the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, SEED Project and Eastern Congo Initiative.

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