This belt is also a scooter

scooter belt

Adám Török, a product designer in Sopron, Hungary, made this scooter for a school graduation project.

If your bus is late, you don’t have to walk to your destination. You can just take off your belt and scoot there.

The scooter, which is made of metal and plywood, weighs less than 4 pounds.

It was shown at the 2014 Budapest Design Week and the next prototype is in development.



Egg-shaped one person ‘scooter’

(From Daily Mail) Hyundai has designed a bizarre egg-shaped concept vehicle, offering a new line in travel for commuters. The ‘E4U’ is an oval-shaped, open-topped single person ‘scooter’ similar to a Seg...
by Adword Norton

Circular scooter 3

Circular scooter

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by Adword Norton

Sbyke P-20 Scooter Skateboard Bike Hybrid

Sbyke P-20 Scooter Skateboard Bike Hybrid

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by Adword Norton



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